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meet the creator/baker of Stupid Good

macy libicki


whats up. i'm macy and i am the creator/ head-baker of stupid good..

imma la native aspiring to make the tastiest sh*t you have ever had! i graduated culinary school at the Institute of Culinary Educated in 2020.


 with my past few jobs as a dancer and tattoo artist, i have used my artistic skills to develop this company to make food that isn't just good to eat, but fun to look at. stupid good isn't just about the treats that i make, but the lifestyle i live. i don't give a f***k!!!


i do what i want, eat what i want and live a life that makes me stuppiidddly happy.  i just want you all to join with me. :)

become a sugar addict with me! <3

meet my right hand woman!

mycah carr


hey y’all i’m mycah! 


I was born and raised in georgia, but LA is my home now! as a southern belle I’ve grown a passion for baking, and creating in the kitchen!

i grew up recreating my Grandma’s recipes, and now i get to create delicious new treats with my Stupid Good partner! i'm super stoked to be teamed up with macy to continue making your baked good dreams come true, and sharing our love for baking with you!

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